The 8 Coolest Electric Vehicles at the 2019 New York Auto Show

For many automakers, the 2019 New York auto show was a major event. Among others, Toyota showed off the new Highlander, Mercedes introduced the redesigned GLS, and Subaru finally revealed the next-generation Outback. But if you’re interested in cars that are a little less mainstream, perhaps even futuristic, don’t worry. There were plenty of electric vehicles at the New York auto show, too. Here are eight of our favorites.



Audi E-Tron Quattro

Audi’s first long-range electric crossover was first revealed back in September, so it’s not exactly new. But considering how impressive it was during our first drive, it’s one of the few EVs we genuinely can’t wait to see go on sale. Even if the range isn’t as impressive as the Tesla Model X 75D’s, the E-Tron is stylish, luxurious, and seriously comfortable. Hopefully, production delays don’t push delivery dates back too far.

Genesis Mint

As far as concepts go, we’re pretty sure the Genesis Mint won the show this year. Crossovers may be infinitely more popular than two-door subcompact hatchbacks in the U.S., but Genesis’ interpretation of a future city car is so cool, we don’t care. After all, how many cars have you seen with scissor-door trunks? Only one? The Genesis Mint? Exactly. Oh, and to make it easier to get in, the bench (!) seat angles itself toward the driver when you open the door.


Kia HabaNiro

Kia’s sort-of-a-crossover/sort-of-a-hatchback, the Niro, has only been on sale for a few years, but Kia is already thinking about its replacement. If you want to know what the next-gen Niro will look like, the HabaNiro concept should give you a pretty good idea. We’re sure some of the more concept-y details won’t make it to production, but the chunky styling, well-balanced proportions, and quoted 300-mile EV range already have us looking forward to the next Niro.

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