The New Roush Raptor Looks Ready to Punch Stuff in the Face

Looking to buy a Ford F-150 Raptor but you’re thinking it doesn’t look burly enough? Well, for $13,000 and up—plus the base truck, of course—you can have a 2019 Roush Raptor that looks prepared to win every bar fight.

Without any additional options, the tuning company’s new package for the Raptor includes 20-inch, red-trimmed beadlock wheels wrapped in beefy BFGoodrich 35-inch all-terrain tires; an axle-back exhaust for extra menace; a sweet-looking bed-mounted chase rack; and all the Roush graphics and logos you can handle, including on the headrests, windshield header, and more. The interior also receives a custom gauge cluster and numbered console badge.

There are extras, of course. A set of rack-mounted LED off-road lights costs $850, adding splatter graphics to the bedsides is $660, a lockable box inside the center console runs $390, and $195 will snag an off-road utility kit with tow hooks, gloves, and other useful items for the trail. Almost of the options naturally sport Roush wordmarks or logos.

Later, a Performance Pac will be available to crank up the twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 from its stock output of 450 horses and 510 lb-ft, but Roush doesn’t have specifics on the final output numbers or its price yet.

The stock Raptor retails for $54,350, and Roushing it out won’t affect the three-year/36,000-mile limited warranty. The trucks are available to build and order now via the Roush website and authorized Ford dealers.

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Hyundai Tucson N-Line teased with racy accents

Teaser for Hyundai Tucson N-LineA new addition to Hyundai’s crossover lineup may be coming to the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Last Thursday, the Korean brand teased the Tucson N-Line and said we’ll learn more about the racier crossover in the very near future. That leads us to expect a debut in Geneva next week. However, this should not be confused with the full-boat Tucson N that’s…

Video: School in BMW M Town Looks Incredibly Awesome

School for most people was either a great experience or a dreadful one. Depending on how you got along with your colleagues, your experience might vary by quite a lot. However, I have a hunch that if every kid went to school in BMW M Town, there would be a considerably larger amount of petrolheads out there and maybe the manual gearbox would still be alive on certain models. But before I digress, let’s see what the latest video shot in M Town is all about.

As you probably already know, things are a bit different in M Town. People are usually all petrolheads and they love spending time in their cars, mostly either drifting or driving fast. We’ve seen how they like to pick-up their coffee and things are looking absolutely fabulous by my standards. I mean what’s better than to go do some donuts in the morning while you grab a cup of coffee, without anyone giving you a nasty look?

In this latest episode, we get a glimpse of how a school would function and look like in BMW M Town. Our protagonist arrives at said school in a beautiful BMW M5 Competition dressed up Macadamia Metallic paint to pick up his son from the principal’s office. On the way he notices a couple of things. From the history class, where kids learn all about the first BMW M3 and how it came to be, to the arts and crafts section where they get to design their own cars and play with clay.

In the end, having arrived at the principal’s office, our good man learns about the hiccups his son has gone through as he apparently doesn’t know how to write or something along those lines. That’s when it immediately hit me: the reason why the poor kid can’t seem to get his lines straight. You’ll soon find out as well. Check out the video posted below.

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Video: Hoovie Gives Us an Update on His Cheap BMW E60 M5

We all love the BMW E60 M5 and its screaming S85 engine. Some would venture as far off as to say that’s the best engine the M division ever made but then again, those statements would only be true if we were talking about a brand new unit. Other than that, if you’re just a regular owner who actually likes to drive his M5 you might have an issue with the 5-liter V10, which is not necessarily known for its reliability.

Hoovie bought one a while back and, in his typical fashion, he went for the cheapest he could find, sold by a Honda dealer for just $6,500. To me, that price tag was just a simple sign that fixing that thing would probably cost at least as much as the purchase price. Nevertheless, even with such a predicament looming, Hoovie would still be spending around $13,000 which would be what you’d expect to spend on a car with similar numbers on the odometer and in a similar state.

The first thing to fix was the transmission, which is known to be faulty of M cars of that age. The SMG gearbox was a bit troublesome back in the day and, luckily for him, he found a complete unit for just $2,700, thus replacing everything in the process. While that should’ve taken care of most issues, it looks like now, the car’s dashboard lights up like a Christmas Tree every time he goes over 4,500 RPM.

That’s indeed a big issue because you just can’t drive an E60 M5 below 4,500 RPM all the time. It defeats the purpose. It’s basically torture when you know the S85 engine can rev up to an astounding 8,250 RPM. According to his buddy, there might be an issue with the crankshaft sensor and I believe it. As a BMW owner myself, I had to replace that damn thing a couple of times already, as it just seems to fail after a while. When it’s completely gone, your car will simply not start so I guess his M5 is not there yet. One thing’s for sure, I can’t wait to see how this car shapes up and how much it will end up costing him.

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