A Big Photo Gallery of the Most Outrageous Rides of 2018 SEMA

The 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show is in full swing and we are back in Las Vegas, Nevada trolling the convention center floor for this year’s star cars, trucks, and WTFs.

The specialty products trade event drew over 70,000 buyers last year and this year’s extravaganza seems to be bigger and wilder than ever.

We’re on the lookout for the best and most outrageous rides from Chevrolet, Ford, Mopar, and tuners from around the globe on this year’s eye-popping show floor and outside parking lots.

Check back to see the latest, greatest, and even a few head scratchers from our team crawling the show floor. Click on the boldface headlines for more information about these super duper specialty vehicles.

2019 Ford F-Series Trucks

1968 Dodge SuperCharger Resto-Mod

Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept

2019 DUB Kia Stinger GT 

Hennessey Velociraptor V8

Hyundai, Kia Cars Will Offer Solar Roofs After 2019

Hyundai and Kia will be the next brands to incorporate solar charging into their vehicles. Hybrid models are slated to receive the tech first, but solar systems will eventually roll out in EVs and conventional internal combustion cars after 2019.

The Korean car brands haven’t said which models will get the solar roofs, and in which markets. But we do know the first-generation system will comprise a structure of silicon solar panels integrated into a standard car roof. Hyundai says the system can charge about 30-60 percent of the battery in a day, depending on weather conditions and other factors.

At some point, Hyundai and Kia will roll out a second-generation system, this one designated for vehicles with internal combustion engines. The automakers boast this system for combustion vehicles will be a world-first application for solar charging technology. It integrates into a panoramic sunroof to simultaneously let light in and charge the vehicle’s battery.

Moving into the third generation of the technology, Hyundai and Kia will put solar-charging technologies on the hoods and roofs of electric vehicles. The automakers haven’t announced a timeline for the rollout, but say they are currently testing the system.

Of course, Hyundai and Kia aren’t the only automakers entering the solar power realm. Japan’s version of the Toyota Prius Prime offers a solar roof. The Karma Revero, an extended-range electric vehicle, has a solar roof, too. Audi said last year it’s working on integrating solar cells into panoramic glass roofs to increase the range of electric vehicles.

Source: Kia

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Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept Storms 2018 SEMA Show

If you don’t need to regularly tow a train up a mountain, the Honda Ridgeline is a great truck. It can tow a few thousand pounds, has a decently sized bed, and is comfortable and refined around town.

It’s also not the kind of truck you’d think to turn into a desert-runner. And yet Honda did exactly that for SEMA this year with the Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept.

Believe it or not, the truck you see here isn’t based on one of Honda’s side-by-sides. It may look like an overgrown Pioneer 1000, but it actually started life as a Ridgeline. And while it’s still only a concept, Honda says it was built using only existing components.

The Ridgeline body and suspension have clearly been modified, but the doors were pulled from a production Pioneer. The bed and tailgate, however, had to be custom built.

With no roof to keep out the elements, the cabin also needed a makeover. Honda used the Pioneer’s steering wheel, then swapped in a set of Civic Type R seats that were re-covered to make them waterproof, and thus easy to hose down.

The team also painted the other surfaces with a more durable material that can stand up to the sun better. To finish it off, Honda added a couple of phone mounts.

We don’t expect Honda to actually build this thing, but we have to say, it’s pretty dang cool. Maybe we can convince Honda to let us drive it through Baja before it’s retired forever.

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Video: 1,000 HP BMW M3 Goes Under 10s in Drag Strip Run

The BMW M3 currently in production is using one of the least appreciated M-developed engines. The S55 mill was never loved by the hardcore enthusiasts like the other mills that came before. Maybe the forced induction was to blame or maybe it was something else but the 3-liter ‘heart’ of the M3 is an outstanding engine that should get more credit. People have been tuning it to incredible levels of power and today we’re taking a look at one that claims to have 1,000 HP under its belt.

The car in the footage below started life as your ordinary, run of the mill Alpine White M3. The owner, however, must’ve had an unscratched itch and decided that the only way to reach it is to make sure his back is completely squeezed up against the driver’s seat. Therefore, he decided the 425 HP of the stock mill weren’t nearly enough and set out to upgrade his M3. In the end, he reached over 1,000 WHP on the dyno, as the video below claims (at the 0:32 mark).

The car also seems to have gained some Hoosier racing slicks which give it a rather interesting stance to begin with. Needless to say that with that much power going to the rear axle, the Hoosier tires can be turned into smoke without batting an eye but that’s not the point. The point is to make it down the drag strip as fast as possible and that’s exactly what happens here. It’s quite peculiar to see an M3 dominate a race track like that, since it’s more fun to drive it on the track, but we’ll take it anyway.

The car manages to post a 9.82-second run which is pretty impressive. The owner claimed that the DCT clutches started heating up to dangerous temperatures otherwise the run would’ve been even better. There’s no word on whether this monster is running stock internals or not but my guess would be that some changes have been done, at least to the gearbox if not inside the cylinders. The new turbo setup is also quite impressive and… large, as it required a cutout in the hood to make sure everything fits. In the end, this is a pretty brutal build and the times it can post are definitely nothing to scoff at.

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First Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUVs Leave Goodwood, Head to Dealerships

The first people to get to enjoy the Rolls-Royce Cullinan are those working at dealerships across the UK. Since Rolls-Royce is an exclusive brand, there aren’t so many dealers selling the double-R brand around the world. Deliveries officially kicked off today with the first eight Cullinan models being sent off from the Goodwood headquarters in the UK. These cars will now head to the nearest dealers, which are found in Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Essex, London and Sunningdale.

Admittedly, the cars have already been driven by a few lucky people who got to enjoy them at the worldwide media debut in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, us included. It was there that the Cullinan showed us all what it was capable of, covering everything thrown in its way, effortlessly, making the slogan it is being marketed under become reality. Effortless Everywhere is what they say about it and the eight Cullinans departing from West Sussex today will have to prove that to interested customers as well.

“Response to our new Rolls-Royce Cullinan from the world’s leading opinion formers and global media has been unequivocally positive and I am delighted that, from today, prospective clients will have the opportunity to experience this remarkable motor car via their local Rolls Royce showroom,” said Julian Jenkins, Regional Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, as the cars were getting ready to depart.

The new Cullinan starts at $325,000 so it isn’t the most expensive model on the market. As they said even before the SUV came out, the Phantom remains the pinnacle of Rolls-Royce and will remain so in the future. Even fully optioned, the Cullinan doesn’t go over $500,000 unless you go for some Bespoke items which will most likely take things up some more. Deliveries are kicking off in the first quarter of 2019 and until then you can visit one of Rolls-Royce’s showrooms to check one out.

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