Classic BMW: 2018 BMW 2-series, Tested in Depth


If BMW’s floaty 7-series and disconnected 3-series are symptoms of something amiss in the state of Bavaria, then the 2-series is the antidote. This sports coupe is quick, nimble, and engaging the way that some our favorite Bimmers of yore were. Two models, the 248-hp 230i and the 335-hp M240i, span the distance from slightly sportier than average to nearly track ready. Both powertrains are available with all-wheel drive and as convertibles, and while the interior is cramped for four, it could be the perfect chariot for a single person in search of a more exciting commute. Others in the class have more in the way of active safety technology, luxury materials, and connectivity options, but we’re still happy any time we can get behind the wheel of this gift to BMW’s faithful. READ MORE ››

2018 Toyota Tundra In-Depth Review: A Modest Option While Awaiting a Major Makeover


Although it’s overshadowed by glorified American pickups, the Tundra butters its bread with the Toyota nameplate and off-road dexterity. Unlike U.S. rivals, the Tundra is a V-8-only lineup; there’s a standard 4.6-liter V-8 and an optional 5.7-liter that uncorks 401 lb-ft of torque. Both pair with a six-speed automatic and rear- or four-wheel drive. Packing in people is easy with a cavernous crew-cab interior; too bad it disappoints with lackluster quality and a dated design. Likewise, the Tundra’s bulbous body stands out, but its look has grown long in the tooth. Toyota has kept its aging pickup relevant via steady updates, such as this year’s additions of standard active safety features. Still, the Tundra remains a modest pickup-truck option until its much-needed major makeover. READ MORE ››

Who Knew? Roger Daltery and Rolls-Royce Donate a Wraith for Charity

Roger Daltrey of The Who teamed up with Rolls-Royce and helped to design a “Tommy” Wraith, which was recently auctioned for $270,048. The proceeds are destined for the Teenage Cancer Trust, which supports youngsters diagnosed with cancer.

The customized Rolls-Royce is part of a series of nine Wraiths that are ‘Inspired by British Music.’

“Seven young people are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK, and these vital funds will help Teenage Cancer Trust take a huge step towards its goal of providing specialist support to every young person with cancer in the UK,” said Daltrey in a statement.

“This car has become an incredible collectors’ item, and it’s gratifying to know that the proceeds of the sale will support such a worthy cause.”

The singer collaborated with designers to create two bespoke cars to mark the musical legacy of The Who.

“The designers and craftspeople at Rolls-Royce were truly engaged in Roger’s vision to create a car which celebrated The Who’s musical legacy in such a creative, original way,” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Rolls-Royce CEO.

“Knowing that the sale of the car would help the charity to support thousands of young people affected by cancer made it all the more worthwhile.”

The first Wraith designed by Daltrey illustrated the band’s most famous icons and incorporated the band’s most popular lyrics.

The “Tommy” car was created in collaboration with Mike McInnerney, the artist who made the 1969 ‘Tommy’ album—its cover now adorns the Wraith. It features Lyrical Copper paint with a blue coachline of a bird in flight.

Inside, the headrests were stitched with design motifs from the album artwork. The copper door sills are engraved with lyrics from ‘Tommy Can You Hear Me?’ and ‘Listening to You / See Me.’ Lyrics from the song ‘Pinball Wizard’ inspired the embroidered design of the rear cabin leather waterfall and features a pinball machine with contrasting pinball and flippers.

Considering that a base Wraith will cost you at least $306,350, the lucky new owner scored while also supporting a worthy cause.

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